Hello world!

Hello everyone

Maybe you know me personally and I’ve been harassing you to read a few articles on this blog or maybe you ended here totally randomly. Anyway, it’s time to explain a bit what we’ll talk about here:

Learning how to code

I’ve been doing different jobs as a web developer in the last two years, ranging from managing (badly) my own one-man business to daily typing regular expressions in a document dematerialization software. And now I’m back to school.

Why? Because I want to learn. Not that I haven’t been learning on a daily basis in the jobs I mentioned before, but I felt that the scope of what I would learn was narrowed by what was applicable into my current day-to-day tasks, and my that was not sufficient to satisfy my curiosity.

What you’ll find here

This blog will hopefully help me keep track of my progress in the year to come, and I will be more than glad to share with anyone interested my reflections on the whys and hows of programming stuff.

I might not do lots of tutorials on web technologies, as I believe there’s already a huge amounts of those out there. Instead I’m more leaned onto taking development subjects and analyzing why it is important, where to start learning and when to start making use  of it.

That’s all … for now!

I’ve still a lot to figure out about what I’ll make out of this blog, and I’m sure I will come to write a little more soon enough.

Stay tuned, and happy coding!